5 Steps for Delightful Laundry Experience

Opting for professional launderers instead of doing laundry on their own is a big step for many families. Along with, adding to the expenses laundering is also a very personal matter for families that needs lots of trust and assurance at the time of outsourcing. And, to get the best of these professional services, one must make sure to be comfortable with the launderers. Read on to find out what all steps you can follow to make the professional garment cleaning service more efficient.



The first and the most crucial step in which one needs to do a detailed research about the cleaners, their location, services being offered and their price. This beforehand knowledge about the cleaners will help to clear out your confusions and also assists you in finding the right package suiting your needs. Now, in the age of digitization, it’s even easier to do the research with a large number of websites containing all the required information present out there. Subscribing to their emails will keep you updated with all the offers, discounts and add- on services offered by the cleaners.

Garment check in advance

One way to make sure to get the most of your money is to do some homework beforehand. Check and make a list of flaws in your garment that you want to get rid of. This way the cleaner will be able to understand your requirements properly and will also have more time to do other time-consuming tasks like color treatment and getting rid of the creases.  

Communicate with your cleaner

Communication is the key to getting rid of most of the worries and woes. Clear communication makes it easier for the cleaner to understand which specific issues need extra attention. Don’t hesitate, feel free to ask any question because a good professional always consider it their duty to solve all the queries and confusions of their clients. Another tip is to hire the same person for your clothes each time you want them washed properly because the same cleaner has a better knowledge of your needs and serves you better in every successive washing sessions.

Be professional

Stay professional; be clear about what you like and what you don’t like. If you don’t like any service, report it to the cleaners immediately but do so politely. The more kindly you treat the garment cleaners, more efforts they will put to ensure that you are happy with the level of cleaning they do. 

Do a quick check after the cleaner leaves

When you are taking back clothes from the cleaners, make sure to check for any defaults as soon as possible. Check for areas that may be harder to spot, or easy to ignore. Never let go of these tiny things, because these little issues can club up and become and become a major problem one day that you can’t afford. Hiring a professional laundry service provider is a good way of ensuring that your clothes stay clean, even when you are busy doing your office work. Taking time to make a plan and communicate can make both you and your cleaner feel more satisfied. 

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What Makes Professional Cleaning the Perfect Cleaning

What Makes Professional Cleaning the Perfect Cleaning

At home, with every wash, our clothes start losing their color and shine, but when we give the same clothes to the professional cleaners, the result is entirely opposite. After a wait of two- three days or sometimes after a period of some hours, the expert cleaners return your oldies after giving them an all new touch. So what happens to the clothes in these shops that they don a completely new and amazing look? These professionals play no magical trick with your clothes, but just employ adequate techniques and cleaning processes. The techniques can be broadly divided into three main categories: laundering, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning.


What is Laundering, Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning

Laundering is a process similar to the way we wash our clothes in the home. All the cloth items tagged or labeled as Washable can be laundered. The only difference between laundering at home and getting clothes laundered from a professional is that they (the professionals) use special detergents, additives and finishes achieving cleaner and crispier clothes.

The dry cleaning process involves removal of soil and stains from fabric with a little or almost no amount of water. During the process, instead of water, the cleaning fluids are used to clean the clothes. The cleaning fluids penetrate into the fibres and after dissolving the grease and oil, it eliminates them. Dry cleaning is best for fibres like wool and silks, that can shrink, distort or fade when treated with water. In this process, the garment first gets its spots and stains treated with the chemical agents specially designed for this process. And, then the embedded dirt gets loosened with the agitated wash of a machine similar to the oversized front-loading home washer.
Wet cleaning as a process is a mix of both the processes mentioned above. Like dry cleaning, it also begins with pre-treatment of the spots and stains with special cleaning chemicals. But, after that water and other additives are added to the cleaning process similar to the one done at the time of laundering. All the necessary precautions are duly taken to prevent the problems like loss of colour, fabric distortion and shrinkage.
Professional Cleaning Steps

Professional cleaning involves a number of expert individuals who are trained well in operating the technologically advanced machinery along with several unique cleaning skills. The process includes the following steps, but is not limited to the same:

  1. Properly examining the care instructions given on the labels and doing a fabric quality check.
  2. Sorting the garments according to their degree of soiling, colour sensitiveness, and fabric type.
  3. Checking the stain stiffness and removing it using special equipment, and agents.
  4. Going for appropriate cleaning method; be it laundering, dry cleaning or wet cleaning.
  5. If necessary and if possible, reapplying any sizing, water repellent coatings, and other finishes.
  6. Making the garment crease free with the highly advanced pressing equipment available with them.
  7. Replacing missing or damaged buttons and performing minor repairs if necessary and if possible.
  8. Packaging the garment neatly in protective wrapping to return to its rightful owner.

In such a competitive market, many professional cleaners provide additional services like garment storage, rug cleanings, smoke removal, cleaning furs and leathers, preserving the beauty of old, valuable garments and many more.

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How to choose best dry cleaner or laundry in your area

When one is extra conscious about what they wear and how they look, then surely the cleanliness of clothes is of utmost importance to them. With such a severe competition in the market, one needs to do a detailed search before trusting anybody. Keep a check on the below-listed points so as to reduce the chances of getting disappointed on the quality of wash later. 


  1. Lost or damaged garment policy-When you are giving your clothes for a wash for the first time to any shop then make sure to check its damage and return policy thoroughly. This would ensure that even if your clothes get damaged in any way, then you can claim it and get refunds duly. Companies tend to change their policy from time-to- time, so even if you are a regular customer make sure that you check their policies regularly to be on the safer side.
  1. Price Clarity-If the cleaner is still trying the “bait and switch” trick, so what does this say about the integrity of the cleaner? You might be attracted to the shop with the lowest price guarantee, but there are chances that it is not applicable on all the items. So, instead of getting embarrassed at the time of payment, make it a point to have price clarity at the time of making an order only. While placing an order, always ask for receipts in order to be on the safer side.
  1. Experience in the current business-No doubt the new dealers can also be good, but the experience speaks a million words about the good performance that is being delivered by the company to its clients. In case if you find any fraud being done up by the company, don’t hesitate to drag them to the court. Reputed laundries make it a point never to cheat their clients in any way.
  1. Employees training level-When you are giving your expensive clothes for dry cleaning or laundry, then you need the other person to do it with utmost care and intelligence. The washing style differs from cloth to cloth. When you are extremely conscious about your clothes, then don’t hesitate in asking their training level and testing their knowledge about cleaning process.
  1. Timely delivery-There are many reputed laundry shops in and around the city that will help you with washing, ironing of your clothes at a genuine price that will suit your budget. Along with quality, timely delivery also matters a lot in the laundry and dry cleaning business.  And, with the onset of the digital era, the service of pickup and checking status of your clothes is also being provided by these shops. Most of these shop owners promise to deliver clothes within 48 hours but with such a severe competition in the market some of them even deliver clothes within 24 hours. 

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Why should you go for Professional Dry Cleaning

For many of us, getting clothes dry cleaned is one of the rarest activities to do. But, the wise ones know that dry cleaning is not just an expense but a necessity of the clothes also. With increasing number of dry cleaning and laundry shops coming up in the market, the cost of getting clothes dry cleaned is no more a luxury. But, if you still think that it is too costly to afford, then you should change this notion. We are saying so because the cost of dry cleaning is almost nothing as compared to the special and expert treatment that your clothes are getting in these shops.


Time-saving- Compromising with the cleanliness of clothes is a big no-no especially, when you are working. But wasting hours in washing clothes after a long tiring day is not a solution to the problem at all. Just find a reputed dry cleaning and laundry service provider near you and get relieved from all the laundry related blues. Along with, delivering fresh and clean clothes, their timely services and expert wash will save your precious time also.

Increased durability of clothes- The expert care used on clothes, along with the absence of water saves the clothes from colour fading, distortion of shape and makes them last much longer. The dry cleaners know the degree of harshness or tenderness with which the clothes need to be washed.

Stain & Odor eliminator- Some stains like those of oils, ketchup and pickles are the most stubborn ones. They don’t leave the clothes even after several washes.  It’s simply impossible to make many items like sports outfits and gears odorless by laundry only. But, the dry cleaners have a special solvent with them that helps the clothes to get rid of odor and stains easily.

Super convenient There are many reputed laundry shops in and around the city that will help you with washing, ironing of your clothes at a genuine price that will suit your budget. And, with the onset of the digital era, the service of pickup and checking status of your clothes is also being provided by these shops. Most of these shop owners promise to deliver clothes within 48 hours but with such a severe competition in the market some of them even deliver clothes within 24 hours. When such a great service is just a few intelligent clicks away, then why to waste time and energy in doing laundry all by your busy self.

Professional finish- When you do laundry at home, you will have to do many other tasks like folding, ironing, and sorting of clothes. On the other hand, dry cleaners ensure that your clothes are not only clean but are also crisp, and wrinkle-free with their expert ironing and folding techniques. These professionals take care of even the minute details of the clothes like fixing loose buttons, sewing any torn portion and much more.

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A Simple Solution for All Your Laundry Fears

Moving away from home to a new city for the professional or educational purpose might excite the youths for a few days as they have left behind all the in-house restrictions. But, does the excitement continue after a day or two? If you question these youths most of them would probably answer in a no. From cleaning the messy rooms and doing the laundry work to waking up on time and going to work with neatly ironed clothes, each and every household chores remind them of their beautiful home where they were not allowed to do so.


On spending some pennies, you can help yourself doing other important works in your personal and professional life. But when it comes to laundry, ironing and dry-cleaning you need to have time to go and give and then take clothes from the laundry and dry clean shop in the locality. A working person surely can’t compromise with the neatness of his/ her clothes, even if they have to travel an extra mile to get reputed laundry shops. The money that is being flushed out to get properly washed and ironed clothes is not the thing that aches; it is the time that is being wasted that pains a lot.

Even if you get a good laundry service provider in your area, the sky-high costs of washing clothes and the long service duration time will restrict you from opting this option, and you will opt for doing your laundry all by yourself. The idea of doing laundry all by yourself without being judged or guided by someone will result in clothes with soap-patches, fading color, cloth shrinking and many more embarrassing problems. Sacrificing your beautiful clothes to learn to do laundry is simply not worth because even after so much of sacrifice there is no surety that you can wash all your clothing stuff properly.

There are many reputed laundry shops in and around the city that will help you with washing, ironing of your clothes at a genuine price that will suit your budget. And, with the onset of the digital era, the service of pickup and checking status of your clothes is also being provided by these shops. Most of these shop owners promise to deliver clothes within 48 hours but with such a severe competition in the market some of them even deliver clothes within 24 hours. When such a great service is just a few intelligent clicks away, then why to waste time and energy in doing laundry all by your busy self.

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Laundry: No more a burden

Almost everyone loves to wear clean and properly washed clothes. But when it comes to cleaning our own dirty clothes, most of us find it a painful and tough job to do. We can’t live without clean clothes but what to do to make laundry a less painstaking job? Laundry will no longer be a burden if you follow these simple and easy steps from the experts:


Either do it frequently or do it less often: If you find laundry a slog, either do it on a daily basis or do it when a visible pile of dirty clothes starts irritating you. In a family with more than two or three members, it is advised to do one load per day. Otherwise, a huge heap of cloth being done at a single time will give you the real pain. And, if you are not happy with the way you are doing laundry then give a try to the other way of doing it, it will give immense pleasure and happiness. We all lose interest in the things we are doing daily; it’s in human nature. But if we try doing the same thing with a new method, our interest in doing it starts rising.

Divide the clothes: Sorting the clothes is a tedious task to do, it’s better to make divisions for clothes according to their washing type and encourage each and every house members to comply with these divisions. If possible each house member should have a laundry basket in their bedroom divide into two sections of dark and light clothes respectively.

Fold fast: Instead of making a pile of dry clothes to be folded collectively. Make it a habit to fold clothes as and when they are out of the dryer. This will save half of your time and will even save your clothes from getting wrinkly. By folding the clothes and keeping them in their proper places on time can simply save the washed clothes from getting dirty again. And, the need of getting the clothes ironed will simply not arise.

Give each of them a socks-only mesh bag: Mismatching of socks and missing pair lead to endless sorting and matching, making laundry job a nightmare in itself. Say a goodbye to the missing sock with a simple trick. Gift each family member a mesh bag for keeping the socks only. Once in a week or so, gather the bags, zip them and get them washed and dried with the normal load of laundry.

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