Who’s better: Professional Dry Cleaners or the At-Home Dry Cleaning Kits?


With numerous at-home dry cleaning kits available in the market, you might get tempted to use them and do the dry cleaning at home, instead of going for the professional dry cleaning services. But are these kits as beneficial as the professional dry cleanings? You need to surely find an answer to this question to make sure your money is used appropriately and judiciously.

Dry Cleaning at Home stands nowhere in front of Professional dry cleaning

Recently, a famous New York magazine published an article analyzing the benefits and disadvantages of dry cleaning kit. And, the results clearly favored the Professional dry cleaning over these at-home kits. The testing found that even if the kits might be cheaper but they only freshen the clothing once or twice and none of them was able to replace the qualities of professional dry cleaning. Not just one particular magazine but even the other studies testing the effectiveness of these kits found the same results. Hence, dry cleaning at home stands nowhere when compared to professional dry cleaning.   

One should not be surprised by the claims made by the magazines because even the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute states, “Nothing can be better than the professional dry cleaners as they are full-service clothing care specialists.” Without doing damage to your clothes, these experts can remove even the most stubborn stains easily. Not just this, they can even make certain alterations and repair to your clothing to give your garment a clean, crisp and wrinkle-free new-like appearance to your cloth.

In short, professional dry cleaners are the sole experts required for caring of your clothes. 

What At-home Dry Cleaning can do & what they can’t do

These at-home kits work well for removing odors from your clothing, but along with refreshing your clothes these kits leave behind a very strong perfume smell. The kits are successful in removing some basic light stains, but they don’t work at all on strong stains, especially the oil-based ones and ground-in soils.

Even if you still opt to go for dry cleaning at home, beware! These kits are considered safe for durable fabrics only and not for sensitive material like silk or leather. And, if you ruin your garment using one of these kits, there are least chances of it getting replaced. 

Heavy stain removal can be perfected by experts only

One fact to keep in mind is that stains get permanent if not removed properly and placed in the heat of the dryer. Instead of risking your garment, better take it to the professional cleaner near you. Stain removal is a science and only the professional dry cleaners are able to decode the right chemicals and processes that can make the process a success in any type of fabric.

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