Who’s better: Professional Dry Cleaners or the At-Home Dry Cleaning Kits?


With numerous at-home dry cleaning kits available in the market, you might get tempted to use them and do the dry cleaning at home, instead of going for the professional dry cleaning services. But are these kits as beneficial as the professional dry cleanings? You need to surely find an answer to this question to make sure your money is used appropriately and judiciously.

Dry Cleaning at Home stands nowhere in front of Professional dry cleaning

Recently, a famous New York magazine published an article analyzing the benefits and disadvantages of dry cleaning kit. And, the results clearly favored the Professional dry cleaning over these at-home kits. The testing found that even if the kits might be cheaper but they only freshen the clothing once or twice and none of them was able to replace the qualities of professional dry cleaning. Not just one particular magazine but even the other studies testing the effectiveness of these kits found the same results. Hence, dry cleaning at home stands nowhere when compared to professional dry cleaning.   

One should not be surprised by the claims made by the magazines because even the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute states, “Nothing can be better than the professional dry cleaners as they are full-service clothing care specialists.” Without doing damage to your clothes, these experts can remove even the most stubborn stains easily. Not just this, they can even make certain alterations and repair to your clothing to give your garment a clean, crisp and wrinkle-free new-like appearance to your cloth.

In short, professional dry cleaners are the sole experts required for caring of your clothes. 

What At-home Dry Cleaning can do & what they can’t do

These at-home kits work well for removing odors from your clothing, but along with refreshing your clothes these kits leave behind a very strong perfume smell. The kits are successful in removing some basic light stains, but they don’t work at all on strong stains, especially the oil-based ones and ground-in soils.

Even if you still opt to go for dry cleaning at home, beware! These kits are considered safe for durable fabrics only and not for sensitive material like silk or leather. And, if you ruin your garment using one of these kits, there are least chances of it getting replaced. 

Heavy stain removal can be perfected by experts only

One fact to keep in mind is that stains get permanent if not removed properly and placed in the heat of the dryer. Instead of risking your garment, better take it to the professional cleaner near you. Stain removal is a science and only the professional dry cleaners are able to decode the right chemicals and processes that can make the process a success in any type of fabric.

Laundry Service in Gurgaon


The 5 top users of Laundry Services in Gurgaon

In a city like Gurgaon, where almost half of the total population is crazy doing their nine to five jobs, it’s fair to say that most of them will prefer using laundry services rather than spending their time and energy in washing clothes at their homes. But still if we take the overall population of the city into consideration, there are some 5 types of people who prefer using dry cleaning and laundry service in Gurgaon city.


  1. 1. The always busy ones

Almost all belong in this category, but specifically talking these are the people burdened under the pressure of reaching deadlines, the ones with time restrictions due to their hectic schedules and uncertain job shifts. They are often sleep deprived and don’t even have time to cook. When they are not having time to do some basic household chores, then how can one expect them to do laundry on their own. Whatever the cost might be, these groups of people are ready to shell in pennies, they just want a perfect solution for their cleaning and ironing woes. Even if they are taking the risk of washing the dirty clothes on their own, then also one can see them making some grave laundry mistakes like not separating the whites from the colorful ones. As they are much of time deprived, so these people prefer going with the cloth cleaning professionals who can pick up and deliver clothes at their doorsteps.

  1. The ones with infant in the house

Ideally, when the newborn comes home this group of population prefer to wash the clothes on their own, but after a day or two they switch to the professional laundry services. The cries of the baby in the middle of nights make them tired and lazy to do the laundry stuffs, and when other subsidiary services like ironing, sewing and delivery is also available with the cleaners, they go for nothing less than the professional cleaning. Initial phase of parenting is a tough phase and not everyone goes through this phase happily. But by telling them about a good laundry service, you can offer them a gift of happiness.

  1. The elites

This group of people have a huge wardrobes filled with branded gowns and suits. They find it risky to make their not so skilled servants wash their pricey clothes. Rather they prefer giving their dresses and suits to some suitable professional laundry server in their locality. They don’t want their Adidas jacket to be destroyed by washing it at home instead they opt for professional laundry services who takes care of the jacket in an efficient manner.

  1. Students

Daily load of homework and recurring tests are enough for the whole day. Students living in the shared rooms mostly belong to this category. Either they procrastinate the task of washing clothes till the room is stinking or they assign the task to their roommate who himself is too busy for washing clothes. Laundry service is an easy escape for students who do not like the ordeal of washing clothes by themselves.

  1. Hospitality service managers

If you are running a hospitality company then you have many uniforms, sheets and upholsteries to wash by the end of the week. You can always have a laundry service by your side, saving your precious time and energy by taking up the task of washing clothes and returning them to you neatly folded.


Choosing the best launderer of the area

When one is extra acutely aware regarding what they wear and how they wear, then for certain the cleanliness of clothes is of utmost importance to them. With such a severe competition inside the market, one should do a thorough research before trusting anybody. Keep a check on the below-listed points so as to cut down the possibilities of regretting on the quality of wash later.


  1. Policy for lost and damaged clothes- When you are giving your clothes for a wash for the first time to any professional, Then certainly look for the guarantee to ascertain its injury and availing back policies carefully. This is often able to certify that albeit of your clothes get tamed by any means that, then you will claim it and acquire refunds duly. Companies tend to vary their policy from time-to- time, so even the everyday consumers should make sure to check their policies often to air the safer aspect.
  1. Proper knowledge of the price chart – The integrity of the cleaner is in doubt if he/she still adopts the “bait and switch” trick. You might get attracted with the cheap prices perfect wash guarantee, but there are probable chances that it isn’t applicable on all the items. So, instead of getting embarrassed at the time of payment, produce a degree of price clarity at the time of placing an order exclusively. While placing an order, forever evoke receipts therefore to air the safer side.
  1. Experience in the current genre – The sensibility and degree of performance is questioned every time a new player enters the market, because the experience speaks a million words regarding the great performance that is being delivered by the company to its purchasers. Just in case if you discover any fraud being wrapped by the company, don’t hesitate to tug them to the court. Acknowledged laundries prioritize to never cheat their purchasers in any means.
  1. Employees efficiency level- When you are giving your expensive clothes for cleansing or laundry, then you’d just like the person behind the counter to undertake the responsibility of your clothes with utmost care and intelligence. The laundry vogue differs from material to material. When you are conscious about the quality of clothes, then don’t hesitate in asking their expertise-professional level and testing their intelligence regarding cleansing technique.
  1. On-time delivery promise- There may be many acknowledged laundry retailers in and around the city which will assist you with laundry, ironing of your clothes at a true worth which will suit your budget with the aspect of quality, timely delivery put together. And, with the onset of the digital era, the service of pickup and dropping of your clothes is in addition being provided by these retailers. Most of these look householders promise to deliver clothes at intervals of forty eight hours but with such a severe competition inside the market many of them even deliver clothes at the intervals of twenty four hours.

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