What Makes Professional Cleaning the Perfect Cleaning

What Makes Professional Cleaning the Perfect Cleaning

At home, with every wash, our clothes start losing their color and shine, but when we give the same clothes to the professional cleaners, the result is entirely opposite. After a wait of two- three days or sometimes after a period of some hours, the expert cleaners return your oldies after giving them an all new touch. So what happens to the clothes in these shops that they don a completely new and amazing look? These professionals play no magical trick with your clothes, but just employ adequate techniques and cleaning processes. The techniques can be broadly divided into three main categories: laundering, dry cleaning, and wet cleaning.


What is Laundering, Dry Cleaning and Wet Cleaning

Laundering is a process similar to the way we wash our clothes in the home. All the cloth items tagged or labeled as Washable can be laundered. The only difference between laundering at home and getting clothes laundered from a professional is that they (the professionals) use special detergents, additives and finishes achieving cleaner and crispier clothes.

The dry cleaning process involves removal of soil and stains from fabric with a little or almost no amount of water. During the process, instead of water, the cleaning fluids are used to clean the clothes. The cleaning fluids penetrate into the fibres and after dissolving the grease and oil, it eliminates them. Dry cleaning is best for fibres like wool and silks, that can shrink, distort or fade when treated with water. In this process, the garment first gets its spots and stains treated with the chemical agents specially designed for this process. And, then the embedded dirt gets loosened with the agitated wash of a machine similar to the oversized front-loading home washer.
Wet cleaning as a process is a mix of both the processes mentioned above. Like dry cleaning, it also begins with pre-treatment of the spots and stains with special cleaning chemicals. But, after that water and other additives are added to the cleaning process similar to the one done at the time of laundering. All the necessary precautions are duly taken to prevent the problems like loss of colour, fabric distortion and shrinkage.
Professional Cleaning Steps

Professional cleaning involves a number of expert individuals who are trained well in operating the technologically advanced machinery along with several unique cleaning skills. The process includes the following steps, but is not limited to the same:

  1. Properly examining the care instructions given on the labels and doing a fabric quality check.
  2. Sorting the garments according to their degree of soiling, colour sensitiveness, and fabric type.
  3. Checking the stain stiffness and removing it using special equipment, and agents.
  4. Going for appropriate cleaning method; be it laundering, dry cleaning or wet cleaning.
  5. If necessary and if possible, reapplying any sizing, water repellent coatings, and other finishes.
  6. Making the garment crease free with the highly advanced pressing equipment available with them.
  7. Replacing missing or damaged buttons and performing minor repairs if necessary and if possible.
  8. Packaging the garment neatly in protective wrapping to return to its rightful owner.

In such a competitive market, many professional cleaners provide additional services like garment storage, rug cleanings, smoke removal, cleaning furs and leathers, preserving the beauty of old, valuable garments and many more.

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