Laundry: No more a burden

Almost everyone loves to wear clean and properly washed clothes. But when it comes to cleaning our own dirty clothes, most of us find it a painful and tough job to do. We can’t live without clean clothes but what to do to make laundry a less painstaking job? Laundry will no longer be a burden if you follow these simple and easy steps from the experts:


Either do it frequently or do it less often: If you find laundry a slog, either do it on a daily basis or do it when a visible pile of dirty clothes starts irritating you. In a family with more than two or three members, it is advised to do one load per day. Otherwise, a huge heap of cloth being done at a single time will give you the real pain. And, if you are not happy with the way you are doing laundry then give a try to the other way of doing it, it will give immense pleasure and happiness. We all lose interest in the things we are doing daily; it’s in human nature. But if we try doing the same thing with a new method, our interest in doing it starts rising.

Divide the clothes: Sorting the clothes is a tedious task to do, it’s better to make divisions for clothes according to their washing type and encourage each and every house members to comply with these divisions. If possible each house member should have a laundry basket in their bedroom divide into two sections of dark and light clothes respectively.

Fold fast: Instead of making a pile of dry clothes to be folded collectively. Make it a habit to fold clothes as and when they are out of the dryer. This will save half of your time and will even save your clothes from getting wrinkly. By folding the clothes and keeping them in their proper places on time can simply save the washed clothes from getting dirty again. And, the need of getting the clothes ironed will simply not arise.

Give each of them a socks-only mesh bag: Mismatching of socks and missing pair lead to endless sorting and matching, making laundry job a nightmare in itself. Say a goodbye to the missing sock with a simple trick. Gift each family member a mesh bag for keeping the socks only. Once in a week or so, gather the bags, zip them and get them washed and dried with the normal load of laundry.

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